Crazy Pants Afghans

This project was inspired by the gift of all four of the Barbra Walker Treasuries by my parents. I decided 6x6 inch blocks would be large enough to get a feel for most of the patterns, and I'd adjust for the rest as necessary. When I first started showing people on G+ I only really had a handful of blocks done.
(That picture's from January last year, for an American I like my dates weird.) I have a knack of forgetting about social networks for periods of time, or at least not actively remembering that they're there, and a good while when by where I was still working on blocks, but wasn't taking pictures of them. That and it wasn't a high priority on my master list of "Crafty Things I'm Working On Right Now." So, about seven to eight months later I had only made about twelve more, even though when I push myself I can make at least a block a day.
Then again, this project tends to get set aside in favor for projects that as a whole will be finished much faster than this one will. Yet, I know that if I don't work on it, it won't get finished. I mainly blame a double block you'll see below for sucking my mojo on this, and just life in general.
Sorry about it being dark, we aren't having a good picture day today. I'll try to remember to give it another go on a sunny day. Once I feel I have enough, (which I'll have to re-math out) I'll start sewing them together. And I'm planning on sewing up the double one sideways.

Catch you guys later!