Frog Pond

Okay, so I have an inner knitter, you know that little voice that goes "Don't you think that sock might be a little big?" Yeah, her? I tend to ignore her while working on socks for guys. She goes nuts on me sometimes, I'll check the gauge and it'll be fine, and yet she wails on and on. Fun times. So tonight, I idly pull out the rest of the ball for my gift socks to find I'm far closer to the end of it than I really should be. So at about 6:40 or so I have this:
30-40 minutes later, I have this:
Really, I only have myself to blame. I did have a moment of "Doesn't that look a little big to you?" and promptly ignored it. Partly because this is a sock for a guy, and partly because it's already really late. Yeah, so I did check my gauge, I had 7-8 stitches more than I should have. Now I have to knit like the wind. I can finish a pair of me-sized or brother's girlfriend-sized socks in a week. How long to make a pair of guy-sized?
(actually, on that needle size, for 8.5 inch midfoot and 9.5 inch foot length, it takes 17 hours of knitting time for a pair of socks.)