Sock and Blocks in the snow.

Well, we had a sunny day today, so I thought it best to run outside and snap a few quick pictures in the snow. (I generally don't wear gloves so my fingers/hands are the coldest part of me right now.) Also, I didn't feel like opening the curtains and making the living room cold. So up first is a retake and new block of the crazy pants pic that was really dark last time.

That blue block between the two green ones? That's new. It wasn't in the old picture. I didn't really want to mar the "perfect" untouched snow so I mainly just threw them on the snow (I didn't see any nice shrubs to lie them on, maybe I'll venture to the park in search of shrubs next time) and be happy with where and how they landed.
And the sock. I've made some progress... I know I have a little ways to go yet before starting the toe. The bag has the yarn (well, duh), and often times I'll have the bag clipped to a belt loop and forget I'm attached when I get up to do something and don't notice until the knitting falls on the floor, or I think I'm attached when I'm not. Maybe I need hot chocolate to cheer myself up.

Bright Blessings and hot chocolate wishes!