And More Progress

I saved a little bit of what I got done yesterday so I'd have more to ramble about today. I'm guessing that days off mean that I just sit around and knit for most of the day. That and when I "complete" something, even if it's half a project I let myself work on a different project. (Don't worry, I know I need to get the second sock done, then I can weave in the ends and send that stuff off.) So yesterday after finishing the first sock I picked up the crazy pants blocks again and got a few knocked out.
Okay, the dark blue one's been done for a while, but since it hasn't been shown I though you should see it. and the one in the upper left was finished today. It's still more to add to the pile. Though I suppose I should re-figure out how many blocks I'll need per afghan so I'll know when I can start sewing some together and maybe end up with an blanket for my bed, because that would probably be smart.

Bright Blessings!