It's Finished!

Yes! Christmas knitting is over! I finished the final sock. Now I just have to get all the ends woven in and packaged up to send off. ...which means i need to find the address again. (And pester my brother for a time we can meet to exchange, or threaten to leave stuff thrown in the patio.)

So, apparently, to celebrate crossing off this mile-stone of my knitting I cast on for a bookmark... I'm not quite sure why, the last time I needed one I just used a feather. Oh, right, I don't know what happened to the feather. Mr. Graves' book isn't giving it up either, which was the last book I had it in. Well, to memory.

See, I think I need a bookmark because I finished the last of a book I was reading on my nook last night. And so wanted to complete some actual book reading that I've been meaning to do, but I don't really want to lose what page I'm on (handy part of an e-reader, you lock it and it keeps your page). I don't have any handy feathers, nor am I all that interested in using a knitting needle at the moment. (Yes, I think I've done that, dpns tend to slide out, and it's probably not all that great on paperback spines.)

The yarn on this is some left over fair trade banana fiber yarn. It was a present from my boss or from my work at the time I got it. (There was also silk yarn and wool of some sort, all fair trade.) I hold no delusion that this book mark will even come close to using up the last of that yarn. (Yes, I have quite a bit left, but have basically used up the other two.) I can tell that for it to look nice this is going to need blocking, but I'm not sure how banana yarn will block. I've been trying to encourage it to look nice while I'm knitting it, but maybe I should give up and do something that doesn't need a good stiff blocking...

Bright Blessings!