Well, now that's interesting

So, you all know that I had to rip out the last of the christmas gifts because the gauge was off. Well, as I'm knitting today there's a niggling feeling that some of my needles might not be sz 2, which was the size I used for the two other sets of gift socks that I made. Now, I do happen to have 4-5 purply-pink sz 2s and 4 sz 3 dpns in the same color as the 2's. Why don't you take a look for yourself.
It's okay, the sock's on the other silver needles
Now, I know it's dark, but look, can you tell? The silver needle on the top is a 2. Can you tell? Don't worry if you can't. It took my camera at x6 zoom to see it. (Sadly, I'm a bit lazy to actually go and figure it out, also my main techy-guy is busy with other things at the moment.) Here, let's take another look.
Okay, so I took away two of the needles. But you can see the difference better, yes? No wonder my gauge was off? Meh, I'm more surprised I didn't notice the differing needle sizes before now. Well, I did. I had the niggling feeling a few times, but was able to dismiss it quickly. I only got this close look at the needles because I wanted to get rid of any niggling, and I like the silver ones, and I am making progress. See?
Bright Blessings all!