Time for pictures

Well, here's the shawl. I was hoping to get the bind off completed today. Clearly that didn't happen. You can probably tell from the curve of the edge, this is a really stretchy bind off. I still have just under half the shawl to bind off. I could have gotten further along if I didn't mess around for a couple hours, though part of that was cooking and eating. I figure that's important and shouldn't be neglected. Probably in the next couple of days I'll be done with the bind off. Which means I'll need to figure out where and how to block it. Oh, I know the basics of how, just haven't really planned how I'm going to do that yet. I'm just not sure my full sized bed is going to be big enough to host such a project for a day. We'll see, I'll figure out something. I could take it upstairs and lay it out on my bed, or even check blocked measurements from the book. It'll get figured out.

Here's the twisted check block. It was somewhat of an actual pain to knit. Yes, it got a good deal easier to work after I switched to the longer 14 inch needle that I could set the needle into my hip joint and knit.

Anyhow, I need to get sleep before work tomorrow. (And I just realized from the date on the photo's that tomorrow's valentines day. Not really looking forward to that.) So it's off to bed for this knitter.

Bright Blessings and happy knitting!