I should be heading to bed

But it just doesn't feel right heading off before leaving you some sort of update. (Even though I have to be in by 6am tomorrow...) I actually haven't gotten much knitting progress to show, well, besides all of the shawl I've knit up to this point. When I'm done with this row I'll have nearly 700 stitches.

My excuse for hardly knitting? Allergies. My one symptom of allergies I just can't stand is when my ears plug up. Sometimes it causes a mild ... hmm, I don't know that there's a good word for it. Discomfort isn't strong enough, and pain is too strong. But the other night I was chopping veggies for supper and was not in pain, but the sound of the knife whacking on the cutting board was not a pleasant sensation in my ear. Though that's not really what had me out today, I yawned about 20 minutes before my shift was over and somehow that increased the pressure in my left ear (my right ear had happened to pop and clear out earlier). It was painful, but one can't really stand at a register with her head resting on her shoulder. So I spend the afternoon on my side to help encourage drainage, then I was trying to dive through the Escher Girls archive... not conducive to knitting. I do have about an inch to go on my latest crazy pants block, so maybe that will be up tomorrow. Either that or I'll show you my bedtime knitting, as I can at least handle the pressure leaves in my left ear now.

Bright Blessings, and sleep well!