Remembered Something

"Rykar sneaks toward Damara with all the stealth and grace of a tap dancer coming out of general anesthesia."

Maybe it's that I  read great blogs, blogs that are funny and entertaining. Then I come here and try to be one or both and just feel like I'm flailing. Well, not all the knitting blogs I read are funny; they don't have to be. They serve another purpose. Knitters write them because we want or need to talk about our knitting, but realize that this isn't for the non-knitters in our lives. (Honestly, I haven't told family about it yet partly because they're eyes glaze over the moment I open my mouth to talk about it.) It's the pictures, it's seeing that someone with over a decade of knitting experience can still mess up her knitting as bad as someone who's only been doing so for a week. (I've been knitting for somewhere near 16 years now.)

I'm probably being too hard on myself, expecting tangible progress for this blog and posting every day. Last I measured the sock it was 4.5 to 5 inches from toe decreases (depending on how impatient I'm feeling).
My planner with writing, pink on six of the seven days
Here's what I'm talking about. See all that pink? That's knitting progress like reached the heel flap or the heel turn on a sock. Finishing a block for crazy pants. But I don't write "worked half a repeat on such and such block" or "worked 3 repeats on gift sock." Actually, if you click to make bigger you'll find out I don't really call it a gift sock. I refer to it as (recipient)'s socks, but if they stumbled across this before I was done that would be surprise ruined. Not that I don't regularly knit gifts in front of the recipients anyhow...

Bright Blessings and maybe a rethink on what progress is.