The blue and white blob!

  1. I should get it on a long length of waste yarn to get a nice shot of the thing. It looks less blob-like than the last time you saw it, but still...
  2. When I took that picture I have twenty-four more rows before it's done.
  3. Point 2 is exciting, 24 sounds like a easily doable number.
  4. If I'm remembering correctly that shot shows a shawl with over 700 stitches in each row, and it'll grow a bit for at least half of those 24 rows.
  5. If you can't tell, it's actually the "Irish Diamond Shawl" from Folk Shawls. The blue and Irish is why I tend to call it "Bridget's Cloak." If you don't get the reference, look up either St. Bridget or the goddess Bridgit, or some variation of the spelling.
Not that I'm giving up on it. It actually took me by a bit of surprise that it was only 24 more rows. I'm just tempering myself (and you few readers) that this might still be a bit of a slog. I'm not sure that there'll be much way to show progress for this project. (Also, I must take more dynamic shots, not just, "Hey, here's the thing! See how pretty it is?" shots.) I'm thinking of just having a line at the bottom that tells you how close I'm getting. That and I can't get a good gauge of how long this is right now, and I'm slightly worried it's going to end up too small. I know, I know, there's the magic of blocking and I should just trust. (Other than I didn't swatch, and I usually don't wash swatches anyhow...) Plus once I'm done I'll have to figure out how to bind off those 762 stitches loosely. My book says to not bind off in the usually fashion, maybe I should read closer to see what's recommended.

Bright Blessings!