Sending light or energy

It's not every day I feel called to light a candle for someone. Yes, there are other ways to send out care or energy to someone, and I sort of combine two.  The sending of energy and lighting a candle.I like the physicality of the candle. Even when it's not burning, it's there reminding me of the purpose I gave it. I'll tell you what I do.

First I carve a name and/or purpose into the candle. I've actually found that a dpn makes this easy, just pretend it's a pencil. Next I charge the candle with the energy I wish to send. Some people may also anoint the candle with an oil; I mainly don't because I don't have any of the oils. Then I light it and let it burn. If I need to put it out for whatever reason, I snuff it either with my fingers or another method. (I never blow out candles I use for magic.) Before I relight I'll check the wick to make sure it didn't get too long from the last burning.

I tend to use chime candles, and noticed that the last one seemed to burn quicker than what seemed normal. Hopefully that manes she'll get it faster, from what I can tell she needs it.