The Sound of Snow Fall

I had a strange urge to go out and walk in the storm that seems to hold the rest of my home in fear (or at least it seems that way from the way people buy groceries) to go out for a nice little or long walk.

As I was walking I noticed that I wasn't really cold, part of that could have been the nice hand knit alpaca hat. The sky's a whitish-gray, and it's quiet. Despite being yards from a main road and people all around the main sound I could hear besides myself was the sound of snow filtering through the trees and hitting me. It was beautiful, and I'm of two minds on having pictures of it. One is that this was just a time for me to be in nature and bathe in it's beauty, the other wishes I remembered my camera to share it. Yet, if I'm constantly thinking "blog fodder" then I may not be in the place to see and be swept away in the beauty of things.

Also? Anyone wanting to try this? Bundle up, likely it's going to be windy and any place the wind can touch you will get colder than you realize. One cheek was so cold I feared that the snow was kinda making ice on it at one point. (I made as hasty of a retreat as I could.)

Bright Blessing you all!