Long over due

Really, I finished binding off the day after I showed you the partially finished bind off. I've still yet to block the thing though. Not quite sure how I'm going to do that at the moment. One is a question of space. I'm sure that if I just cleaned my room, I'm sure there'd be room there, but it's getting the floor cleaned and all that. There is an empty clean room that I could possibly get use of. Mostly it's just that I'm lazy. I enjoyed the knitting and was quite proud of getting it done. Granted, there where only cats around when I finished, and one must always remember that cats are unimpressed with finished knitting. Even when you throw them on said knitting to be impressed by it.
See? Unimpressed cat thrown on knitting to fully be able to admire it. Any how, I'll do my best to keep timely on updates. Just a kind of busy life. (That and for some reason playing games seemed more fun than knitting. Crazy, I know, but it happens.)

Bright Blessings!