That's a Bummer...

So, I don't have much progress to show on anything today, especially that it was a day for sitting around on my tush to do nothing. Well, that's not true. I ran to the next town over and got my brother and his girlfriend their Christmas presents, finally. I was also there because I have stuff stored away in the shed out back. I was going to pick up some craft things.

Okay, confession, I'm actually a multicraftual, and am in the process of getting my grandmother to teach me to quilt. But I don't want to be forced to just go there when I want to practice, and anyhow, if I want to make quilts, I'll need to figure out how to piece. Well, one of the things I went to get was a sewing machine my grandmother gave me who knows how long ago. The other is a box of bed sheets that I was given full creative and destructive rights to. I come home and find out two things:

  1. My box of bed sheets is mostly one comforter and a little pile of sheets in the bottom.
  2. The spool pin is missing from the sewing machine.
Now, the first one isn't so terrible. I can still get fabric from that comforter, and maybe reuse the innards in a quilt. (I'm nothing if not a pack rat.) The missing spool pin? That's a bit of a deal breaker there. Unless I can get a replacement or rig up something the completely working order machine is a brick. Now, it doesn't look like the replacement would cost that much, and I'm sure if I said something to my grandma she'd even give me the money to get it, or if I said something to my grandpa he'd be able to rig up something so I can use the machine. Nothing that will stop me in the long run, but for now? It's a bit of a bummer.

Bright blessings, and creative solutions to you all!