Voice Free

At least for now. I was able to get several rows done today without much discomfort. I'm two ridges away from starting decreases. If my wrist was feeling better I probably could have gotten a lot more done, but as it is discomfort means that knitting stops until it at least passes. I do have an am wearing a brace at night to at least help keep things from getting too bad. Plus, I'm not likely to get bored enough to go pestering the pizza people tomorrow, or feel secure enough to go to a spot where I can't really see my register.

Also, I just realized because of the curve of the needles it just looks a little blob like and not really much like a sock. I could always flip it over to where the heel shaping is, but I'm not sure how much that would help. Might just be a funny shaped blob of knitting.

Bright Blessings!