Ever so timely Christmas

So, when I went to Lincoln to pick up my sewing machine and the sheets I also took my brother and his girlfriend their Christmas presents... after my brother's birthday. We aren't always a timely family. (which reminds me, I need to send off my parent's Christmas presents.) To the left we have the scarf I made for the girlfriend. I know she likes blues and scarfs, and I was tempted to try "new" yarn. Wasn't really all that hard, just had to get into a good rhythm for the knitting. It certainly wasn't completely mindless knitting for me. I jokingly call it "The million ruffle scarf," partly because I feel like it has close to that many.
For my brother I just made socks. I was kind of rushing at this point, and had started with a fun cable pattern then my gauge shifted on me and I didn't want to mess with it. So, yeah, plain socks for him. Not that he really minds, They're socks, he'll wear them. That's about all I care about.

Bright Blessings!