Okay, now I feel stupid

Well, so that's how the sock looked last night. It's about half that now. Someone forgot to figure in the 10% negative ease that most socks have. It couldn't have been me because I never figure out my own numbers for things like this. Nope, couldn't have been me. I've had a long serious talk with her, and I think we have everything worked out and things worked out. Hopefully there won't be a need to rip this out for a third or fourth time. Honestly, I lost count on that, but I'd rather rip and get the sock right to wear then make a sock that doesn't fit. I don't care if people say that it'd fit someone out there, I don't have enough time to make socks for random people and myself. Plus, you make socks for random person for free, they are going to expect more socks for free. I'd rather not invite that kind of headache into my life.

Though I haven't worked on the sideways sock any today. I did knit a little on crazy pants, but no sock knitting. Probably me being mad at it for the moment. We'll see if I pull it out tomorrow.

Bright Blessings!