Night time knitting

Well, kinda. I haven't been feeling like knitting before bed. That's an hour's worth of work. Probably not all that bad. I'm half curious how long it would take me in another year to knit a pair of socks. (Yeah, this might end up being a yearly thing now.) The last time I timed myself was a couple years back, clearly I've made a lot of improvements over the years. One notable thing is that I went from just holding the yarn to a more traditional way of tensioning the yarn. That might have sped me up a little. Oh, I did measure it, and so far it's at two and a quarter inches. Need to be at three and a quarter before I can start instep increases. So probably not too much longer if I actually get back to it.

Actually, I've been trying to set up a nightly routine that would help me get to sleep even on nights where I really don't want to. It probably doesn't help that my sleep schedule is all sorts of wacky at the moment. That's partly my own fault for telling work that I can work whatever hours they want to give me.

Bright Blessings and restful nights!