Sideways sock

So, you remember how a couple days back I said that I was about half way done with the first of my sideways socks? (There's a picture to the right if you need to refresh your memory.) Yeah, well, I wasn't worried about running out of yarn, as I explained there. But that little voice that a lot of knitters talk about having? Yeah, she was talking again. You'd think that for something for me I'd be alright. And I would be, if I was knitting a sock toe up or top down. (Really, I don't have a preference, just whatever strikes my fancy at that time.) Yet this sideways fashion has it's own kinks to throw at me. One of them being math and understanding what I'm doing and where I'm adding stitches to and if I actually have the right starting amount of stitches. So I plopped the thing on my foot, and the heel did not end up where my heel is. I checked my gauge and it's still pretty close to where it was when I was writing out my notes for what I was going to do, which I've now pretty much committed to memory (it's not that hard). But I had to adjust at least one number and start over.
 So what you see above isn't what I have at the moment. I ripped it out last night. What you see to the left is what I have now. Not a whole lot, but I haven't spent all of my free time today working on it. Partly because mornings is for crazy pants, and then I had to scamper off to work before I was too late. And now I'm home. We'll see if what, if anything, I have to report on tomorrow.

Bright Blessings!