I math failed again

Though this time it didn't cause me to need to rip out any work. No, this time it was on my math for how long I've been working on my timed socks. Some how, I had 37 minutes of knitting take me from 2:58 in work time to 4:01 in work time. Don't ask me how I thought that was right the first time. Honestly, I wasn't really looking at it hard when I noticed the mistake. So I took the calculator on my phone and refigured all the math. I use erasable pens for most of my knitting stuff. (Yes, it's the same pen from when I was writing in my planner.) That means you don't actually see the mistake to the left.
Now, I've been quoting 17 hours for a pair of socks to people. That put me at 8.5 hours per sock, this sock finished at 6:31. A bit of an improvement, don't you think? Though I do have to admit that it's not a complete apples to apples comparison, the last sock was 9.5 inches long and worked on size 2 this one is 8.5 inches long and worked on size 1. Make of the difference what you will.

Bright blessings and great improvements to you!