Knitting! Shocking!

There's been a lack of actual recent knitting content lately. (that's probably because I haven't been doing much knitting, more wasting time reading comics I've already read or playing games.) I was going to do work on my timed sock as my main during the day project. But that just wasn't working. I wasn't working on it because the notebook I'm keeping time in is usually in my purse that generally lives in my room. My days are usually not spent in my room. Becoming aware of this I just flipped what was my night time project and my day time project. Granted. from that shot of the sideways sock you probably can't tell a whole lot of progress. I've finished heel/toe increases and am at a point of just knitting for the time being. I know it looks like I might run out of yarn. I think I'm about half way done with the sock. I'm not too worried because I have the rest of the yarn hiding in a basket in my room. (I think I can find it when I need it, but I am a fan of rainbows.)

I'll get myself around to an update on the crazy pants tomorrow. (that's not got lots of work done on it either.) Granted it'll probably get up later than this is, so don't stay up if you can't.

Bright Blessings!