I forgot

And have a confession to make. I didn't knit at all yesterday or today. I actually haven't done any crafting. The work on the block you see to the left was all done on Monday. Right, this probably tells you that I've at least come up with a temporary solution to the missing spool pin, and I have. I taped a knitting needle to the back of the machine. And I would have gotten more done, but my sewing machine decided to go weird on me on the last section I sewed. (Which is one of the triangle pieces in the middle.) So I took it all apart, got the extra random thread free and out of it and re-threaded everything, but at that point I was a bit tired of sewing, and I haven't gotten the machine back out of it's corner.

Honestly, on Tuesday my left wrist was being ouchy, and it's being that way a bit right now. That and just getting caught up in whatever random archive dive I was in (I do this often when I'm bored) was why there was a lack of a post last night.

Bright Blessings!