Out and About Sock

I practically never am without knitting. This is the project I keep clipped on my purse or belt loop is what I pull out and worked on when I need to wait. Generally this is worked on when I'm on break at work. As I took this picture yesterday I'm actually almost done with the heel, but to the right I've just started turning the heel. This isn't always the fastest project finished, but that's not the point. The point is to have something to do when I'm waiting.

I thought it was funny that on St. Patrick's day I was going to talk about a project that doesn't have any green in it. Then when I sat down at work and pulled it out I did notice some green in the yarn. But I don't think of it as having green, it's a blue to bone or sand yarn, and of course it doesn't show in the picture I have. But it's how I think of the yarn being. In the ball at the top you really see the bone/sand part of the yarn. I think it has a really long repeat, because it hasn't really shown up in the sock itself.

Bright Blessings and may your hands always have something to do!