Happy Birthday to Me

So today at 10:15 am I turned 26. Honestly, I've never really gotten that deep into numerology, and don't know if there's anything significant about it. But it's really just another year older and some people ask if I feel different, and it really doesn't.

Was able to head out for a nice supper with somewhat nearby family. (I live in the midwest, somewhat nearby is about a two hour drive from home.) We went out for supper and ate well. I'm not a fan of being sung at in a restaurant, and lucky didn't have that happen. Was yummy food and dessert and I ended up leaving too full. (And maybe a little tipsy, surprised I didn't get carded, but my uncle figured that it was because there was enough older people that probably wouldn't let me order alcohol if I wasn't old enough.)

And an aside, I'm likely going to use the "fluff" tag to denote when I feel like I'm off topic of the main intent I have for the blog. (ie, I felt like I should post, but was too lazy to retrieve the camera from my car that fell out of my bag.) Hopefully this doesn't happen too often.

Bright Blessings to you all.