This shouldn't be surprising

I've completely changed my mind on the bookmark for now. Not surprised by myself. I've known I'm a fickle, fickle knitter. This has happened multiple times before. This doesn't mean I'm not making it, I will. Just not yet.

Honestly, I did have other plans in mind for getting my projects a little more under control. I want to finish Bridget's Cloak, there won't be lots of progress to see from day to day, I'm guessing. Other than I am half way through the last chart. So, I'm on the home stretch there, at lest more so than my other large projects.
I've also decided to change up how I'm doing my bed time knitting. That will be one project until it's finished. If the day time project is finished, bed time knitting takes it's place. Though I'll still be working on the crazy pants for a little bit each morning. Only seems fair. There will be a fourth project able to be worked on, travel knitting or the little bag clipped to my purse. I rarely leave home without it.

That's all from me, Bright Blessings!