So, yet another day of sitting around and getting to knit most of the time. (Well, I did stop because I had some pain, and pain is bad.) I probably could have gotten farther if I hadn't stopped and played Dungeons of Dredmor for a little bit, but I don't regret that choice. It's fun, and it allowed me to rest the hurty hand. (Which is, oddly, my non-dominate hand.)
...Um, yeah, I don't really see the point about complaining here. I'm on the fourth set of five before beginning the toe. Sure, the yarn is going in the opposite direction as the last one, but I highly doubt the recipient is going to care. He has an art major.

I was a little miffed that I found a knot in the yarn. I don't usually get upset about that sort of thing but it was more where it was going to end up in the sock. You might be able to see where on the sock above, if not here let me show you.
That's after I worked in the two ends of yarn. I was pretty sure just leaving the knot how it was would be uncomfortable. So it was picking it a part and knitting with two strands for a few stitches. Yes, that's what I do when changing to a new ball of yarn in a project. I generally don't notice any extra bulk in that area once the project is complete. We'll see what he says once he wears them. Anyhow, I was slightly surprised to see that the new end of yarn appeared to preserve the established pattern. Well, besides slightly shortening a section. Look at the first picture again, can you tell where the knot happened? I generally don't care that much if the pattern skips around a bit around a knot. But, I was mildly annoyed that I'd have to figure out a new way to measure the repeats (clearly, it wasn't hard, just readjust one's thinking.) Mainly it was annoying because I lost a row or two of the speckled section between the grey and light blue bands. But, roll with the punches. It'll still end up all right in the end, I'm guessing. (That's usually how I function, everything will work out for the best in the end.)

Bright Blessings to you guys!